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41 Boulevard Vincent Auriol
75013 Paris
Name der Organisation: [Adetef] Adetef
Organisationsart: Öffentliche Verwaltung

The French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment has a great experiment in e-procurement as thousand of French public entities are now familiar with. This allows France to get cross-competences in the following fields: public procurement, internet, e-business, public private partnerships and to mobilize them in the PEPPOL program. … Speaking of public entities, the French consortium will include the following ministerial services: DGME (for egovernment), DAJ (legal affairs) ACA (public procurement), DGE (companies), DPAEP (public procurement), Adetef (international) but also the Paris chamber of commerce (CCIP) in e-business and the most experimented local authority “Regional council of Bourgogne” in e-gov as it has developped an e-procurement platform within the e-procure European project. Some international decisions in the field of “virtual company dossier” need to gather the point of view of all the public services that will have a reason to tell something about it. So, the French consortium around Adetef will gather all those services in such a way that an international VCD decision will get less risk to be contested after being examined by the French consortium.

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