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Via G.B. Morgagni 30/H
00161 Rome
Name der Organisation: [IC] InfoCamere
Organisationsart: Sonstiger Organisationstyp

InfoCamere created and currently operates the national system linking Italy’s 104 Chambers of Commerce and 300 branch offices through a high-speed, high-security electronic network. This efficient system provides immediate access to the Italian Business Register of Companies. The register lists documents and data managed by the “Chambers” as Registration Authorities implementing specific legislative provisions. The Business Register, with 5.8 million entries, represents the core information infrastructure for the management of the most important events in the life of business entities. From April 2000 to mid 2007 InfoCamere has also been a Government accredited Certification Authority, releasing ID certificates for strong authentication and digital signatures. InfoCamere has always been active in areas that are of particular importance to e-Government programmes, such as the deployment of modern technologies and the streamlining of bureaucratic procedures to the benefit of businesses and citizens. Infocamere has been the founding member of the EBR – European Business Register Network moving into the consortium a comprehensive set of supporting actions. Presently, InfoCamere operates as technology partner and Business Register domain expert within the BRITE Project. Infocamere is also co-ordinating the initiatives for the exploitation of the XBRL technology within national and international projects. In PEPPOL, InfoCamere runs a pilot on electronic attestations through the implementation of the Peppol’s Virtual Company Dossier.

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