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National IT- and Telecom Agency

Holsteinsgade 63
2100 Kobenhavn
Name der Organisation: [Nita] National IT- and Telecom Agency
Organisationsart: Öffentliche Verwaltung

The National IT- and Telecom Agency is under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information. The Danish eGovernment initiatives have placed the country in several studies, as one of the frontrunners in eGovernment, eTendering and eProcurement. In 2005 the eInvoicing solution won the European eAwards on eGovernment. During the last 10 years experiences has been gained in analysing, implementing and operating eCommerce solutions, based on state-of-the-art technologies and a sound analytical work on organizational opportunities and requirements. Currently, Denmark is moving towards open technologies to accommodate the requirements from SME’s. A pilot on using the internet with additional services to create a low cost infrastructure for reliable and secure exchange of business documents is in a pilot operational stage in a region in Denmark. Denmark has taken active and continuous participation in coordinated EU-efforts by strong participations in standardization activities through NESUBL and coinitiating the CEN ISSS Workshop BII.

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