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Strengthening eInclusion and eAccessibility across Europe

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Strengthening eInclusion and eAccessibility across Europe (EINCLUSION@EU )


eInclusion und eAccessibility europaweit verbessern


"This coordination action provides scientific support to a key policy objective - ensuring that EVERY citizen has the opportunity to benefit from the Information Society. It develops innovative policy approaches that accelerate progress towards comprehensive eInclusion/eAccessibility in the context of Europe 2005 roadmap and beyond. Through the coordination of research and facilitation of an informed dialogue between key stakeholders, these objectives will be realised:- development of a research and policy framework that will support a common understanding of the eInclusion and accessibility concepts/policy aspects amongst all stakeholders in an European Research and Policy Area (ERPA), including Acs establishment of a comprehensive empirical knowledge base to support all aspects of the policy-making process in relation to eAccessibility/eInclusion, thereby focusing on three topical areas: a) eAccessibility issues emerging from the eEurope 2005 action plan, electronic communication and other policy frameworks; b) eAccess to employment, re-skilling for disabled citizens, etc.; c) eAccess to online public services (such as eGovernment, eHealth)- development of a vision of the new opportunities and threats posed by emerging technologies to support proactive policy formulation- design and implementation of a robust dialogue mechanism involving institutions, groups and actors from all relevant policy fields identification of "best practice" examples of policies on eInclusion/eAccessibility, based on rigorously defined criteria and consensus amongst stakeholders- recommendations for practicable policy strategies and implementation measures - with realistic and achievable goals developed in dialogue with the research community and stakeholders across the Union and all ACs.- dissemination/exploitation to ensure continuing co-ordination between the science/research and policy domains beyond the project phase and diffusion to all stakeholder communities. "

(Quelle: http://cordis.europa.eu/search/index.cfm?fuseaction=proj.document&PJ_LAN...)


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