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Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks in the Context of E-Participation, Scherer, Sabrina, and Wimmer Maria A. , 12th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o 2011) Digital Government Innovation in Challenging Times, 06/2011, University of Maryland, (2011)
Future Internet for Collaborative Governance: Closing Gaps in ICT for governance and policy modelling, Bicking, Melanie, and Wimmer Prof. Dr. Maria A. , IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control (ICNSC 2011), 04/2011, Delft/Niederlande, (2011)
Open Government in Policy Development: From Collaborative Scenario Texts to Formal Policy Models, Wimmer, Prof. Dr. Maria A. , 7th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technologies (ICDCIT – 2011) , 02/2011, Volume LNCS, Bhubaneswar, Indien, p.76-91, (2011) Abstract
Interoperability Requirements, Recommendations and Standards in E-Participation, Scherer, Sabrina, Liotas Naoum, Wimmer Maria A., Tambouris Efthimios, and Tarabanis Konstantinos , Interoperability in Digital Public Services and Administration: Bridging E-Government and E-Business, p.95-117, (2011)
Neue Informationsprobleme der betrieblichen Kontrollorgane – Beiträge der Wirtschaftsinformatik, Mertens, P. , Versicherungsrecht - Finanzmarkt- und Freiberufsrecht im Wandel wirtschaftsrechtlicher und rechtsökonomischer Analysen, Nürnberg, p.332-344, (2011)
Hands-on guideline for e-participation initiatives, Scherer, Sabrina, Wimmer Maria A., and Ventzke Stefan , E-Government, E-Services and Global Processes (EGES 2010), 09/2010, Volume 334, p.49-61, (2010)
A Regional Model for E-Participation in the EU: Evaluation and Lessons Learned from VoicE., Scherer, Sabrina, and Wimmer Maria A. , Second international conference on eParticipation (ePart 2010), 08/2010, Volume 6229, Lausanne, Switzerland, p.162-173, (2010)
Tools and Technologies in eParticipation: Insights from Project Evaluation, Bicking, Melanie, and Wimmer Prof. Dr. Maria A. , Fourth International Conference on Online Deliberation, OD2010, 07/2010, (2010)
Stakeholder-Beteiligung in der Entwicklung eines Virtual Company Dossiers mithilfe von Web 2.0, Ventzke, Stefan, Weiß Silke, Wimmer Maria, and Makolm Josef , Fachtagung Verwaltungsinformatik (FTVI) und Fachtagung Rechtsinformatik (FTRI) 2010, 05/2010, Koblenz, (2010)
Web 2.0 und E-Partizipatin am Beispiel der VoicE Plattform, Augustin, Andreas, Scherer Sabrina, and Wimmer Maria A. , Fachtagung Verwaltungsinformatik FTVI, Fachtagung Rechtsinformatik FTRI 2010, 03/2010, Volume 2, Koblenz, p.17-19, (2010)
E-Government Competencies: Looking beyond Technology, Schuppan, Tino , Handbook of Public Information Systems , Boca Raton, p.353-370, (2010)